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Compare iApply vs Textio and see which AI Human Resource tool is better when we compare features, reviews, pricing, alternatives, upvotes, etc.



What is iApply?

Get a job faster iApply as it has the world's most unique and advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithm that finds, matches and applies to real-time posted worldwide jobs on behalf of the job seekers based on their profile and job preferences. The users can select upto 3 job titles, 3 job industries and 3 countries with the preferred cities in which the job seeker desire to work. The job seeker can also exclude the companies in which they do not want the Ai to apply jobs. Once the jobs are applied, our Ai sends notification to the job seeker and also they can see full applied job details on their user dashboard.

As a job seeker you do not have to spend hours and hours in searching & applying jobs on numerous job boards, as iApply's Ai will do all of this for you as it creates user profile and applies a job on behalf of the job seeker. So weather you are n unemployed job seeker? A fresh graduate? An employed individual looking for a career shift, or a better opportunity than the one at hand to push your career forward? Do you strive to be a leader, creative, innovator, and high-achiever in your field? If yes, iApply.ai is just for you.



What is Textio?

Textio is a tool that helps interrupt bias in performance feedback and recruiting by providing advanced inclusive language guidance for your work. With Textio, you can get powerful DEIB data insights and metrics that help you identify and eliminate bias in your language and communication. Whether you're giving performance feedback or recruiting new team members, Textio can help you create more inclusive and effective communication. It's a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their communication skills and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. If you want to interrupt bias and improve your communication, Textio is a tool to consider.

iApply Upvotes


Textio Upvotes


iApply Top Features

  • AI Will Apply Job On Behalf of JobSeeker

  • Get Advance AI Assistant

  • Exclude Companies You Don't Want To Work

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • Select Multiple Job Roles, Industries, Countries

Textio Top Features

No top features listed

iApply Category

    Human Resource

Textio Category

    Human Resource

iApply Pricing Type


Textio Pricing Type


iApply Technologies Used


Textio Technologies Used


iApply Tags

Job Applying
Job Search
Job Board
AI Powered Job Applying
Automated Job Applying
Job Finding
Job Portal

Textio Tags

Communication with AI
AI Marketing Copies
Script Generator

Which one is better? iApply or Textio?

When we compare iApply with Textio, which are both AI-powered human resource tools, The users have made their preference clear, iApply leads in upvotes. iApply has garnered 7 upvotes, and Textio has garnered 3 upvotes.

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