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Explore the showdown between vs Adobe Firefly and find out which AI Image Generation tool wins. We analyze upvotes, features, reviews, pricing, alternatives, and more.

What is is a widely-used tool that enables users to create captivating anime art. One of its key features is the diverse range of styles available, making it especially helpful for beginners.

Users can choose from various options like anime drawing, anime vivacity, makoto shinkai, miyazaki, etc. Additionally, it supports image input in addition to generating via text, which means that you can upload your own selfie and transform into an anime character.

What sets it apart is that users can also edit the image in, providing ample space for creativity and allowing you to create your own anime story!

The free version allows two image generations at a time, but you can create up to thirty times a day. However, once you upgrade to the premium version, there are no such limits.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

What is Adobe Firefly?

Firefly is our creative generative AI engine. It’s just landed in Adobe Photoshop — and the way you create will never be the same.

From wildest dream to amazing image in seconds flat.

Only Photoshop has Generative Fill (beta), a mind-blowing generative AI tool that will activate your creative superpowers. Add, extend, and remove content from your images with simple text prompts. Then make it pixel-perfect, all in Photoshop.

Your imagination is unlimited. Now your power to create is too. Upvotes


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Adobe Firefly Top Features

  • Instant creative building blocks.
  • Astounding video edits, simplified.
  • Distinctive content creation for everyone.
  • Future-forward 3D. Category

    Image Generation

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anime anime drawing anime vivacity makoto shinkai miyazaki anime character image generation free version premium version.

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generative fill Adobe Photoshop image editing pixel-perfect

When comparing and Adobe Firefly, which one rises above the other?

When we contrast with Adobe Firefly, both of which are exceptional AI-operated image generation tools, and place them side by side, we can spot several crucial similarities and divergences. Neither tool takes the lead, as they both have the same upvote count. Join the users in deciding the winner by casting your vote.

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