is a widely-used tool that enables users to create captivating anime art. One of its key features is the diverse range of styles available, making it especially helpful for beginners.

Users can choose from various options like anime drawing, anime vivacity, makoto shinkai, miyazaki, etc. Additionally, it supports image input in addition to generating via text, which means that you can upload your own selfie and transform into an anime character.

What sets it apart is that users can also edit the image in, providing ample space for creativity and allowing you to create your own anime story!

The free version allows two image generations at a time, but you can create up to thirty times a day. However, once you upgrade to the premium version, there are no such limits.


1) What is the output image resolution of ImgCreator.AI?

For free version, output resolution will be 512*512. For subscription users, the finalized images will be available in 1024x1024 pixels. Higher resolution will become available by custom requests for POD needs or printing.

2) How do I use ImgCreator.AI?

Simply describe the what you want to see with the text selector input, and then pick the best results out of four candidate images.If you want to edit photo, please erase out the part you want to edit, and describe desired result of that section.

3) What rights do I have with the images created by

You can use the images generated for anything as long as you follow the rules and the terms of service. In legal terms, you have a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare, publicly display, perform, distribute, and create derivative works based on those images.

4) Is ImgCreator.AI free to use?

Yes, ImgCreator.AI is free to use with limitations. You will get 9 free images to start with ImgCreator.AI. You can buy more images here. You can also get free images by referring more users to ImgCreator.AI

5) What is ImgCreator.AI? How does it work?

ImgCreator.AI is an AI image generation tool. It can take a text description and convert it into an image. is best suited for creating illustrations, anime, and concept design images.You can also provide an image to to edit any erased part of this image using a text description, just like text driven photoshop!




anime anime drawing anime vivacity makoto shinkai miyazaki anime character image generation free version premium version.

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