Rocket Statements vs Pigment AI

In the clash of Rocket Statements vs Pigment AI, which AI Finance tool emerges victorious? We assess reviews, pricing, alternatives, features, upvotes, and more.

Rocket Statements

Rocket Statements

What is Rocket Statements?

Rocket Statements provides an efficient solution to convert bank statements from PDF format to Excel, CSV, PDF, or Google Sheets instantly. This premier conversion tool is designed for easy use while ensuring robust security for your data. Trusted by professionals worldwide, Rocket Statements streamlines the data conversion process, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

With compatibility across a wide range of banks globally, the service accommodates various needs by offering different subscription plans. Rocket Statements is dedicated to offering a clean data formatting structure, bulk processing capabilities, and supports over 100 major banks internationally. It's an indispensable tool for anyone looking to organize and analyze their financial data with speed and accuracy.

Pigment AI

Pigment AI

What is Pigment AI?

Meet Pigment AI, your innovative solution for accelerating and enhancing business planning. Pigment AI extends beyond traditional planning approaches, offering flexible models, integrations, and security features tailored to modern business needs. It caters to various teams—from Finance to Sales and Revenue—facilitating efficient data analysis rather than preparation. Its platform encourages collaboration, breaks down silos, and aligns teams across HR departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page with unified plans. Executives can establish a single source of truth with Pigment AI, driving better strategic decisions. With comparisons available against other tools like Anaplan and Workday Adaptive Planning, Pigment AI emphasizes ease of integration and anticipative planning to avoid surprises. For those interested in adopting innovative business strategies, Pigment AI is the way to go.

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Rocket Statements Top Features

  • Clean Data Formatting: Ensures that key fields are formatted clearly and readably in Excel, CSV, or JSON.

  • Bulk Processing: Allows the upload and conversion of batches of statement PDFs at once.

  • AI Copilot: Integrated AI copilot to ensure each conversion is smooth and accurate.

  • Flexible Export Options: Provides the ability to export converted statements into Excel, CSV, or JSON formats.

  • Supports 100+ Major Banks: Compatibility with over 100 major banks allows easy conversions for international statements.

Pigment AI Top Features

  • Accelerated Business Planning: Streamline processes with Pigment AI for quicker and smarter planning decisions.

  • Collaborative Work Environment: Break down silos and align teams with a unified platform.

  • Strategic Insights for Executives: Create a single source of truth for strategic decision-making.

  • Advanced Integrations: Seamless integration with ERP CRM HRIS and more for comprehensive planning.

  • Anticipative Planning Features: Utilize advanced models to predict outcomes and plan effectively to avoid surprises.

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Pigment AI Pricing Type


Rocket Statements Tags

Bank Statement Converter
PDF to Excel
Data Security
Bulk Processing

Pigment AI Tags

Business Planning
Strategic Decision-Making
Team Collaboration
Data Analysis
Real-Time Integration

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