Controlled Text-to-image By Dezgo

Controlled Text-to-image By Dezgo

Dezgo is an advanced text-to-image AI generator equipped with the capability to create high-quality images based on textual descriptions. By leveraging the power of Stable Diffusion and ControlNet AI technology, users can specify how the final image should look and even guide the process using a control image. Dezgo offers various functions, including text-to-image generation, image editing from text, background removal, image upscaling, and a beta version of text-to-video.

The platform provides a range of options to tailor the generated images to a user's needs. It allows users to decide on the specific structure to extract from the control image, using methods like Canny Edges, and offers choices in terms of resolution, orientation, and the influence level of the control image. The AI generates images while avoiding unwanted elements as specified by the user, striving for high fidelity to the input prompt.

Top Features:
  1. Controlled Text-to-Image: Generate images closely matching a provided text prompt with control over image structure.

  2. Image-to-Image Transformation: Edit existing images using text descriptions to guide changes.

  3. Inpainting from Text: Fill in or alter parts of images with AI-generated content that aligns with textual input.

  4. Remove Background: Easily extract objects by removing the background from images.

  5. Upscale Images: Enhance image resolution using the Real-ESRGAN model for clearer and more detailed results.


1) What is Dezgo?

Dezgo is a platform that generates high-quality images from text descriptions, using advanced AI models like Stable Diffusion and ControlNet AI.

2) What type of AI is used in Dezgo?

Stable Diffusion is a type of AI used by Dezgo to power its image-generation capabilities.

3) What does 'Canny Edges' refer to in Dezgo's platform?

Canny Edges is a method used in Dezgo to extract the structural information from a control image to guide the generation process.

4) What features does Dezgo offer?

The platform offers features like Text-to-Image, Image-to-Image edits, Inpainting, Background Removal, Upscaling, and Text-to-Video in beta.

5) How can I avoid certain elements in the images generated by Dezgo?

You can avoid undesirable elements in your image creation by using a negative prompt, which describes what you do NOT want in the generated image.




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Stable Diffusion
Canny Edges
Image Upscaling


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