DataLang - Chat with your Databases

DataLang - Chat with your Databases

With DataLang you can create GPT assistants and Custom GPTs from your databases.

  1. Set up your Data Source (database)
  2. Add some Data Views (SQL scripts)
  3. Configure your GPT Assistant (from selected sources)
  4. Chat with the built-in Assistant or create a custom GPT
  5. Publish it on the ChatGPT store or share it privately to chat with your data!
Top Features:
  1. Database to API: Transform your database queries into secure API endpoints.

  2. Chat with Your Database: Chat with your data using natural language.

  3. Publish a Custom GPT: Deploy it on the ChatGPT store and share it with your users.

  4. Secure Connection Strings: Ensures data security with encryption for your database connection strings.


1) Do I need any technical knowledge to use DataLang?

You need to know your connection string, for example postgres://{USER}:{PASSWORD}@{HOST}:{PORT}/{DATABASE}, and perform SQL queries. But once you have your data views set up, you don't need any technical knowledge to use DataLang, just ask questions in natural language.

2) How does DataLang secure my data?

Your connection string credentials are securely encrypted in our system and only decrypted when necessary for data operations.

3) What types of questions can I ask in DataLang?

From having a single data source with a single data table for football stats and creating a Champions League GPT... to creating a specific Assistant for a specific customer (by filtering data from that customer) and sharing it with the custom GPT.





Natural Language Processing Database Querying Data Analysis User-Friendly Interface Secure Data Encryption API Integration

Tech used:

ReactRemixTailwind CSSPlausibleYouTubeGPT 4


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