Disney Pixar Cartoon on Civitai

Disney Pixar Cartoon on Civitai

Embark on a creative journey with the Disney Pixar Cartoon type B - v1.0, a finely tuned Stable Diffusion Checkpoint available on Civitai. This innovative model is a blend of the Disney Pixar Cartoon Type A and additional training on midjourney images. Engineered to enhance the representation of male and elderly characters in true Pixar style, while ensuring female characters maintain less of an anime-like appearance, this checkpoint promises to bring your characters to life with stunning accuracy and charm.

The Disney Pixar Cartoon type B comes equipped with high-resolution fixes, upscale latent techniques, and a denoising strategy fine-tuned to 0.5 for optimal clarity. A sequence of 20 high-resolution steps, coupled with a 2x upscale, brings forth images that are both crisp and lucid. Additionally, the inclusion of a Clip skip set to 2 optimizes the generation process, streamlining your experience.

It is important to utilize VAE when employing this model to prevent the colors from becoming pale and gray, ensuring the vibrant hues that are characteristic of Pixar. If you're captivated by the capabilities of this model, consider supporting the creator on platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi, helping fuel the creation of more incredible tools for the digital art community.

Top Features:
  1. Improved Character Accuracy: Enhanced depiction of male and elderly characters to reflect true Pixar aesthetics.

  2. Advanced Training: Integrated with additional training on midjourney images for variety in character designs.

  3. High-Resolution Techniques: Incorporates hires fix upscale latent denoising 0.5 and hires steps 20 for detailed and sharp imagery.

  4. Double Scale Upscaling: Upscales images by 2x coupled with a Clip skip of 2 for high-quality visual outputs.

  5. Color Preservation: Use of VAE recommended to maintain the vibrant and rich color palette typical of Pixar animations.




Stable Diffusion
Pixar Style
Character Generation
Color Vibrancy


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