DreamShaper on CivitAI

DreamShaper on CivitAI

Discover the power of DreamShaper - V∞, an innovative AI generative model built for artists and AI enthusiasts alike. With its latest version release, DreamShaper offers a suite of tools designed to push the envelope of photorealism and art creation. Whether you aim for lifelike landscapes, intricate 3D models, or photorealistic inpainting, DreamShaper is your go-to solution for high-quality AI-generated art. Thanks to its ability to handle Character LoRA and a robust capability for NSFW content without sacrificing versatility, it's a powerhouse for creativity.

DreamShaper thrives on versatility, aiming to make "a better Stable Diffusion" by providing a model capable of everything from art to anime. Despite catering to art and illustrations being the primary goal, the diverse set of functionalities means being good at everything comes as a bonus. Available across several GPU-accelerated platforms, such as Mage.space and Sinkin.ai, and offering downloadable checkpoints, DreamShaper is both accessible and powerful.

Above all, the community spirit shines through Lykon's message: by showcasing improvements like enhanced LoRA support and realism, this model continues the journey of providing an open-source alternative to proprietary services. Additionally, DreamShaper encourages engagement and support through social features like Patreon, ensuring a community-driven development process.

Top Features:
  1. Versatile Art Generation: Excel at creating both art and anime with advanced weight customization.

  2. Improved Realism: Enhance photorealistic outputs without limiting creative range.

  3. NSFW Capability: Generate NSFW content more effectively with upgraded model performance.

  4. Community-Driven: Benefit from the collaborative efforts through platforms like Patreon and Discord.

  5. Accessible Tools: Utilize DreamShaper across various online platforms offering GPU acceleration.




Generative AI
Art Creation
Stable Diffusion
Character LoRA


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