Transform imagination into stunning AI art in seconds with Fotor’s free AI art generator online. Simply input some words, watch Fotor AI make text into beautiful artwork.

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Fotor’s AI art generator makes it possible for anyone to create stunning works of art. From realistic drawings and oil painting portraits to surrealistic digital arts, the possibilities of what you can create with Fotor are endless. Take advantage of AI art generation to create beautiful artwork.

Top Features:
  1. Printable AI Arts
  2. Customize Your AI Arts
  3. AI Art Generator from Photo
  4. Text to AI Art Generator

1) Can You Sell AI-Generated Art?

Absolutely! The market is bursting with a wide array of AI-generated artworks that are readily available for sale, particularly on platforms like Etsy. These mesmerizing and truly unique photos have managed to captivate the interest of countless individuals, who have found themselves irresistibly drawn to turning them into stunning wallpapers.

2) What AI Art Algorithms Does Fotor AI Image Generator Use?

Fotor uses stable diffusion ai art generator model, which is the latest advanced model in the world. It has great machine learning algorithms, including GAN and VAE to learn and train so many existing images to create new images in accurately. So come to try our great & free AI art generator.

3) Is Fotor’s AI Art Generator Free to Use?

Yes, you can use Fotor’s AI art generator for free for the first 5 AI art generations. Paid users get unlimited generations, and additional benefits such as priority generating, email support, cloud storage, and more.

4) What Type of Art Can Fotor’s AI Art Maker Create?

Prepare to be amazed by Fotor's AI art generator, capable of bringing virtually any artistic vision to life. Whether you dream of realistic drawings, breathtaking paintings, captivating digital art, pixel art, or mesmerizing 3D renders, AI has the power to create an extensive range of art forms.What's more, the artwork produced by Fotor is completely unique and originates from scratch, ensuring a one-of-a-kind masterpiece every time. Plus, you have the freedom to generate multiple AI artworks simultaneously, giving your creativity the chance to flourish. So go ahead, unleash your creative side, and let the remarkable AI technology handle the rest!




AI art generator Fotor realistic drawings oil painting portraits surrealistic digital arts

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