Frase is an advanced SEO content optimization tool and AI writer designed to assist content creators in producing well-researched and SEO-optimized articles quickly and effectively.

It integrates the entire content creation process, from research to optimization, into a unified AI-powered workflow. With Frase, creators can analyze search queries, generate content outlines based on SERP analyses, and develop SEO-optimized copies that resonate with search engine algorithms.

The tool is trusted by over 30,000 marketing teams, providing research-driven AI content, SERP research tools, and an intuitive editing platform to help users craft high-ranking content. Additionally, it offers integrations with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress, along with collaboration features for teams.

Frase compares your content with your top search competitors. This will give you analytical insight. When you sign up using our link, you can get 60% OFF on your first month!

Top Features:
  1. Research-Based AI: Analyze search queries to create research-driven SEO content with artificial intelligence.

  2. Unified Workflow: Seamlessly research, outline, write, and optimize content all in one place.

  3. SERP Research: Conveniently analyze top search results with an intuitive research panel and generate content briefs.

  4. AI-Generated Content: Quickly produce SEO-optimized drafts with AI tools based on SERP data.

  5. Collaboration and Management: Streamline teamwork and project management with collaboration tools and project tracking within the platform.


1) Can I train my own answers?

Frase allows you to train and customize your own answer experiences. Trained Answers are organized in "Datasets". Your Trained Answers can include call-to-actions, rich media, email capture, and other settings.

2) Can I crawl multiple websites as part of the same Assistant?

You can connect several website crawls to the same Assistant. This allows you to unify multiple sources of knowledge into one larger knowledge base. You may use third-party content as soon as the content is publicly available and your implementation complies with copyright laws. Frase provides links to the original source as part of the answers, so this scenario should be ok in most cases.

3) How long does it take to set up?

Frase may take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours to set up depending on your website size.

4) What is the purpose of Frase?

Frase is designed to help content creators transform keywords into well-researched, SEO-optimized articles quickly and efficiently.

5) Who can benefit from using Frase?

Content creators, marketers, SEO professionals, and marketing teams can benefit greatly from using Frase for their content strategy.

6) What does Frase offer for content workflow?

Frase provides a unified workflow for researching, outlining, writing, and optimizing content within an AI-powered workstation.

7) How does Frase help with SERP research?

Frase uses AI to analyze the top search results, aiding in the creation of SERP-inspired content that is optimized for better ranking on search engines.

8) How can one start using Frase?

You can get started with Frase for free without requiring a credit card, and later choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.




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