Free Time Tracking App -

Free Time Tracking App -

Reclaim is a dynamic time tracking app designed to improve productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The app is free to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar. Reclaim specializes in automatically tracking the time you spend in meetings, working on tasks, fostering habits, and even during your vacation or personal time off (PTO).

With its powerful analytics, Reclaim offers meaningful insights, such as productivity increases, time reclaimed each week, and decreases in burnout risks. These insights help users to take control of their schedules, optimize their workdays, and focus on what truly matters. By categorizing time spent across various activities and providing metrics on work-life balance, the app aims to prevent burnout and promote a more balanced lifestyle.

Key features like calendar sync, scheduling links, buffer time, and people analytics make Reclaim an inclusive tool for individuals and teams alike. Join the growing community of over 260,000 users across 35,000 companies who trust Reclaim to track and improve their time management.

Top Features:
  1. Automated Time Tracking: Automatically track time spent in meetings, tasks, habits, and PTO.

  2. Productivity Insights: Gain insights on productivity levels, deep vs. shallow work, and reclaimed time.

  3. Work-Life Balance Metrics: Monitor work-life balance with metrics on overtime and personal activity time.

  4. Advanced Scheduling: View future capacity for work around meetings and PTO to optimize scheduling.

  5. Team Analytics: Access people analytics for teams, including insights into collaboration patterns.


1) What is Reclaim?

Reclaim is a time tracking app that automatically records time spent on meetings, tasks, habits, and PTO, offering analytics to improve productivity.

2) How can I integrate Reclaim with my calendar?

You can integrate Reclaim with Google Calendar for seamless time tracking of your daily activities and schedule.

3) What kind of data does Reclaim provide?

Reclaim provides data and metrics such as percentage increase in productivity, hours reclaimed per week, and reduction in burnout.

4) How much does Reclaim cost?

Reclaim is free forever and requires no credit card to sign up.

5) Is Reclaim suitable for both individuals and teams?

Yes, Reclaim is beneficial for both individuals looking to improve personal productivity and teams within companies aiming to work more efficiently.





Time Tracking
Productivity Tool
Work-Life Balance
Habit Tracking
Task Management
Calendar Sync
Burnout Prevention
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