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Getimg AI offers an extensive suite of AI-powered image creation and editing tools designed to transform text into stunning visuals. With the website's AI art tools, users can effortlessly generate original images, modify existing ones, and even expand them beyond their original borders. The platform provides a variety of functionalities, including the ability to animate images, train custom AI models, and instantly create images guided by simple text input.

Whether you're looking to create artworks at scale using various art styles, edit photos with descriptive words, or prototype ideas with real-time feedback, has you covered. The website boasts an impressive number of over 205 million AI-generated images, showcasing its widespread adoption and effectiveness.

Within its range of tools, includes an AI Generator for text-to-image creation, an Image to Video converter for short video clips, an Image Editor with AI-driven editing capabilities, AI Canvas for infinite canvas compositions, Real-Time rapid image generation, and DreamBooth for custom AI model training.

The website aims to streamline the creative process and enhance productivity by providing an array of powerful AI generators and editors that cater to various use cases including architecture, character generation, realistic art, animation, and more. With, the power to create is limitless, and it's only a click away.

Top Features:
  1. AI Generator: Convert text prompts into unique images with a choice of over 60 community-trained models.

  2. Image to Video: Transform static images into 4-second animated video clips using AI.

  3. Image Editor: Use AI to edit and modify images with tools like inpainting to remove or alter elements.

  4. AI Canvas: Utilize outpainting on an infinitely sized canvas to create expansive artworks.

  5. DreamBooth: Customize AI models quickly by uploading images for personalized creations.


1) What is is an AI-powered creative toolkit that enables users to generate and edit images using advanced AI techniques. You can create images from text, animate images, expand pictures, and even train custom AI models.

2) What can I do with

Using the AI Generator you can create images from text prompts, alter photos with words, animate them, expand artwork beyond the original canvas, and create custom models. Each tool streamlines various aspects of the image creation process powered by AI.

3) How do I start using

Just head to and click on 'Get started for free'. You'll be able to explore the tools and start creating after setting up your free account.

4) Does offer an API for developers?

Yes, the platform includes a REST API that enables you to incorporate the latest Stable Diffusion-based models into your applications or workflows.

5) What is DreamBooth on

DreamBooth allows you to create personalized AI models by uploading only a handful of images. These models are tailored to your needs and can be used within seconds on the platform.




AI Art Tools
Image Generation
Image Editing
AI Animation
Custom AI Models
Text-to-Image Generation
Real-Time Image Generation
AI Canvas
Stable Diffusion

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