KNIME is a free and open-source data analytics, reporting and integration platform. KNIME integrates various components for machine learning and data mining through its modular data pipelining concept. A majority of the functionality is provided by the modules of the platform, while other functionality is provided by KNIME extensions.

KNIME offers a complete platform for end to end data science, from creating analytic models, to deploying them and sharing insights within the organization, through data apps and services.

KNIME Analytics Platform: KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source software with an intuitive, visual interface that lets you build analyses of any complexity level - from automating spreadsheets to ETL to machine learning. Users can access, blend, analyze, and visualize data, without any coding, or integrate their favorite tools and libraries as needed.

KNIME Hub: KNIME Hub is the commercial software for collaborating and scaling data science, offered online as KNIME Community Hub, or installed into a company's private infrastructure as KNIME Business Hub. KNIME Hub provides a single environment for users across different disciplines and expertise levels to work together.

KNIME Community Hub: With KNIME Community Hub, users can browse and learn from thousands of working examples of data science solutions, benefiting from community contributions to upskill and dive deeper into the discipline of data science. Small groups or teams of users can also share and collaborate on solutions in their dedicated, private spaces.

KNIME Business Hub: KNIME Business Hub provides the same capabilities for collaboration and sharing – but within a company’s dedicated infrastructure. Teams can share knowledge publicly across the organization or privately with the team. With KNIME Business Hub’s robust productionization capabilities, data experts can deploy and monitor their workflows, as well as share workflows as data apps and services with any number of end users, ensuring self-sufficiency and making data-driven decisions pervasive across the enterprise.





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