NaturalReader is a versatile text to speech platform that offers high-quality AI voices to convert written text into spoken words. Designed for online use, mobile applications, and educational purposes, it also provides commercial licenses for professional voice-over work. With NaturalReader, personal and educational users can improve their reading experience, while businesses can generate natural-sounding voice-overs for various projects. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy access to individual plans, group plans for educational institutions, and commercial packages tailored to business needs. NaturalReader's commitment to accessibility and usability is evident in its effort to make the technology available across different devices and platforms.

Top Features:
  1. Free Text to Speech: Utilize AI voices for free with NaturalReader's online service.

  2. Mobile App Availability: Access NaturalReader on-the-go via its mobile application.

  3. Commercial License: Create professional voice-overs for business use with a commercial license.

  4. Education Plans: Benefit from group plans designed for schools and universities.

  5. Start for Free: Get started with NaturalReader's services at no initial cost.


1) Who is responsible for NaturalReader?

NaturalSoft Limited is the company behind NaturalReader.

2) Where can I download NaturalReader for mobile use?

You can download NaturalReader from the App Store for mobile device use.

3) Is there a way to try NaturalReader for free?

NaturalReader offers a start for free option for users to try the service without any upfront payment.

4) What type of plans does NaturalReader offer?

NaturalReader includes options for personal use, educational group plans, and commercial licenses for businesses.

5) What are the key features of NaturalReader?

The app can be used for free text to speech conversion online and comes with AI-powered voices.





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Educational Plans
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