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Onetone AI is an AI-powered tool designed for Customer Support and Quality Assurance (QA) Leaders. It offers automated supervision and monitoring of customer support interactions, allowing businesses to identify issues that can lead to customer and revenue losses. By analyzing tone of voice, spelling mistakes, and common mistakes in customer communication, helps improve customer satisfaction and boost revenues. With its ability to evaluate agents based on data from 100% of their conversations, enables businesses to save time and make data-driven decisions. It supports more than 20 languages, making it suitable for multi-lingual customer support teams. Start for free and book a demo today to experience the benefits of

Top Features:
  1. Automated Supervision: replaces manual CS supervision with an automated supervisor allowing businesses to monitor 100% of their customer support interactions.

  2. Tone of Voice Analysis: The AI-powered tool identifies the tone of voice in customer communication helping businesses understand how their agents communicate with customers and improving customer satisfaction.

  3. Spelling Mistake Detection: helps businesses identify spelling mistakes in written customer communication ensuring professional and error-free interactions.

  4. Issue Monitoring: The tool keeps an eye on common issues that can lead to customer and revenue losses such as missing call-to-action unanswered customer questions incorrectly resolved requests and more.

  5. Multi-Lingual Support: With support for over 20 languages enables businesses to compare and monitor their multi-lingual customer support teams effectively.





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