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The LinkedIn Elevator Pitch AI tool from Preppally allows you to create a more engaging elevator pitch you can use on your LinkedIn profile in order to stand out on the platform. Profile descriptions are increasingly important as they give a first impression to recruiters browsing your profile.

Why you should use the Preppally LinkedIn AI tool

By having the best possible LinkedIn profile description via Preppally’s LinkedIn AI tool you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

How Preppally’s LinkedIn AI works

Navigate to LinkedIn AI by Preppally where you will find a short introduction video on how the tool works. Users will have to: Fill in their previous experience Provide their largest professional achievement Write down what they are passionate about Press submit and the tool will do its magic Copy and paste the output in their LinkedIn description section on their profile

Top Features:
  1. LinkedIn Profile Writer

  2. Elevator Pitch Creator

  3. LinkedIn Profile Description Generator




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Tech used:

Generative AI


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