Scalenut is a content intelligence SaaS platform that helps you discover and create the most relevant content for your customers. It uses deep learning and AI to create the best content possible.

Top Features:
  1. Escriba textos persuasivos que generen conversiones con más de 40 plantillas de redacción publicitaria con IA.

  2. Reciba comentarios de SEO instantáneos y mejore dinámicamente su contenido.

  3. Optimice el contenido extenso con guía de escritura de IA, PNL y comentarios en tiempo real.

  4. Obtenga toda la información y los términos clave semánticos que necesita para superar a su competencia.

  5. Genere autoridad temática con estrategias de contenido y grupos de palabras clave, impulsados por IA.


1) How to change/add new card?

In case you wish to change/add a new card, you can update your payment details from the following link: Please enter your registered email id on the above link and you will get an OTP on your email id and upon confirmation you will get an option to update your payment details.

2) Do we have an API?

We currently do not offer an API.

3) Free Trial

Once you sign up on the platform your 7 days free trial begins. During the trial you can explore all the features that our platform has.

4) Difference between AI Docs and SEO Docs

If you have used Scalenut for a while or even have gone through the Dashboard, you would have known that our tools are divided into two primary segments - AI Copywriter SEO Hub The AI Copywriter section is primarily for your short-form needs. It houses over 40 AI-powered templates to help generate content that effectively conveys your ideas to your target audience. In addition, it also has AI Docs, which store any output users create using these templates. The SEO Hub section primarily caters to your long-form needs. From developing a rough draft in five minutes to creating detailed outlines, you can do it all here. In addition, it lets you use AI to generate meaningful topic clusters for strengthening your SEO game. This section also has SEO Docs, which stores documents containing detailed outlines, rough drafts using Cruise Mode, and other long-form content that users generate with the help of our software.

5) How to reactivate subscription?

If you want to reactivate an older subscription, please go ahead and log in using your old account email and password. Once you enter the dashboard on the left panel you will be able to see the “My Account” section on the bottom left corner. Once you click on it you will enter the “Account section”, here go ahead and click on “Subscriptions”.





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