8 Best Assignment Helper AI tools in 2024

Need an assignment helper AI tool to rescue you from deadline stress? Or perhaps you need AI to do your assignment for you? Whether it's a law assignment, MBA homework, or any other subject, our AI assignment helper tools are here to assist. These tools are designed to provide comprehensive support, helping you not only complete your assignments but also prepare for exams.

No matter what academic challenges you face, our AI tools can help you manage your workload and excel in your studies. If you're thinking, "Help me with my assignment," look no further—these AI tools have got you covered.


Assignment  - Assignment Helper}

How does Assignment work?

AssignmentGPT AI is an innovative digital platform designed to support students and educators with academic work.

This outstanding artificial intelligence system offers an array of tools like autowrite, homework ai, and ai homework helpers tailored to streamline the assignment and homework process.

Users benefit from instant solutions, grammar advice, and real-time assistance across various subjects including mathematics, coding, and essay writing.

The platform's state-of-the-art AI is trained to create content with accuracy, adding a human touch to make the output relatable and engaging while bypassing plagiarism detectors.

Geared towards enhancing educational outcomes, AssignmentGPT AI enables users to quickly understand complex concepts and generate diagrams, making studying more efficient and less stressful.

Top Features
  1. Quick and Accurate Answers: Users get fast responses tailored for high academic performance.

  2. Advanced Writing Assistance: Offers grammar, style, and punctuation suggestions for impeccable writing.

  3. Instant Problem Solutions: Includes tools like a math problem solver and a feature to upload an image and get an answer.

  4. Human-Like Content Generation: AI-generated text is designed to be engaging and relatable, bypassing AI detectors.

  5. Diverse Academic Tools: From diagram making to mock interviews, the platform equips students with various resources for comprehensive learning.

Homework AI

Homework AI - Assignment Helper}

Why choose Homework AI?

Homework AI is an online AI-powered homework helper and solver that is available for free. It is designed to provide students with instant step-by-step solutions to a wide variety of academic questions across multiple subjects. With Homework AI, students can easily upload their assignments, receive advanced AI-processed answers, and learn with comprehensive explanations to improve their knowledge. The platform supports various file formats for easy uploading and offers a user-friendly interface that is accessible around the clock. Aimed at all educational levels, from middle school to university, Homework AI ensures maximum accuracy and offers an adaptive learning experience that can boost academic performance. Whether you're struggling with math, physics, biology, chemistry, literature, or history, Homework AI is your go-to solution for simplifying homework and enhancing your study sessions.

Top Features
  1. Instant Solutions: Get quick answers with an AI homework helper that provides fast, accurate solutions.

  2. Maximum Accuracy: Advanced AI algorithms deliver the most accurate answers from a comprehensive knowledge base.

  3. Around-the-Clock Help: Accessible 24/7, the homework AI is always available to help you solve academic challenges.

  4. Comprehensive Support: Offers assistance on a wide range of subjects, from algebra to zoology.

  5. User-Friendly Platform: A straightforward and intuitive interface that supports all levels of academic professionals.


Mathly - Assignment Helper}

Why use Mathly?

Discover Mathly, the innovative platform designed to revolutionize your math learning experience through AI technology. Request early access now and be one of the first to benefit from this cutting-edge tool. Mathly utilizes AI to not just solve your math problems, but to provide explanations that resonate with your individual learning style. By simply taking a photo of your math question, Mathly's intelligent system will provide you with a detailed step-by-step solution.

But it doesn't stop there! Mathly understands the importance of mastery, which is why you can pose any follow-up questions you might have, ensuring no part of the problem remains unclear. To further cement your understanding, Mathly generates additional practice problems tailored to your needs. Each solution comes with explanations that aim to clarify concepts and improve your problem-solving skills. Experience the future of homework help with Mathly, where we ensure that you genuinely comprehend the mathematics you're learning. Become part of a smarter, faster, and more personalized educational journey today.

Top Features
  1. AI-Powered Solutions: Mathly provides step-by-step solutions to math problems using AI.

  2. Personalized Explanations: Tailors explanations to individual learning styles to enhance understanding.

  3. Follow-up Questions: Enables students to ask additional questions for clarity on solutions.

  4. Practice Problem Generation: Creates similar problems for students to solve reinforcing concepts.

  5. Access to Early Features: Offers early access to users for a chance to experience the latest in homework help technology.


HomeworkAI - Assignment Helper}

What is HomeworkAI? and how does it work?

Discover HomeworkAI, an innovative platform designed for language teachers to essentially transform their lesson preparations.

HomeworkAI specializes in generating detailed summaries and grammar exercises with artificial intelligence, supporting English, Spanish, Italian, and more. As a time-efficient and stress-reducing solution, it caters to educators who wish to streamline the arduous process of content creation, enabling them to redirect their focus towards teaching and student interaction.

Users can easily generate and customize educational content including multiple-choice exercises, interactive stories, and grammar summaries, all in a single document.

This not only enhances the learning experience for students but also returns valuable hours back to teachers. With features that promote perfection in details, HomeworkAI allows for the editing of generated content, ensuring tailor-made quality material for every classroom setting.

No credit card is required to try the platform, and various plans are offered with introductory launch discounts. Unlock educational efficiency and witness the impact of HomeworkAI on teaching methods!

Top Features
  1. Automatic Summaries Generation: Automatic creation of summaries that encapsulate the essence of any text.

  2. Multiple Choice Exercises: One-click generation of multiple-choice exercises based on any grammar topic.

  3. AI-Powered Story Generation: Engaging, AI-created stories that entertain and facilitate language learning.

  4. Detailed Content Editing Tool: Comprehensive editing features to perfect and customize teaching materials.

  5. No Credit Card Trial: Easy access to try the platform for free without credit card details.


Homeworkify.st - Assignment Helper}

Why choose Homeworkify.st? and how does it work?

Homeworkify.st is a revolutionary online platform dedicated to providing free, instant homework help and Q&A answers to students across diverse subjects. By offering access to educational resources without the barrier of cost, Homeworkify advocates for the fundamental right to education for all. The non-profit organization operates with the belief that withholding knowledge behind a paywall is a violation of human rights and seeks to empower learners by making study materials freely accessible.

Users can quickly search for their question using Google, copy the URL, and submit it on Homeworkify to receive step-by-step solutions. The platform covers a wide range of subjects including biology, engineering, business, and mathematics, ensuring learners can get support in almost any academic area they need.

Homeworkify believes that Education should belong to students and not the publishers.

Homeworkify, a non-profit organization, champions the belief that education should be universally accessible and free for everyone. We firmly believe that education belongs to students, not publishers. Our mission is to provide free and unrestricted access to all knowledge, upholding the principle that access to information is a fundamental human right.

Homeworkify operates legally, and we assert that there are no laws that prohibit the sharing of knowledge. We are committed to breaking down the barriers that academic help and tutoring services often erect, which we view as significant violations of human rights. By removing these paywalls, we strive to empower students everywhere.

Top Features
  1. Instant Answers: Obtain immediate solutions by submitting question links.

  2. Broad Subject Coverage: Access homework help across subjects like biology engineering business and math.

  3. Search Engine Integration: Easily search and find similar homework problems on the web.

  4. Advocacy for Free Knowledge: Support the movement towards unrestricted educational access.

  5. Study Smarter at No Cost: Access to homework answers without any charge.

  6. Legal and Ethical Standpoint: Committed to offering free knowledge with the belief that it's a fundamental right.

  7. User-Friendly How-To Guide: Follow simple instructions on how to use the Homeworkify platform.


QuestionAI.io - Assignment Helper}

Why use QuestionAI.io? and how does it work?

Question AI provides a free, AI-driven platform for homework help, offering instant solutions, detailed explanations, and valuable resources to assist students with their assignments. Its user-friendly interface allows students to easily upload questions and receive comprehensive answers quickly. Catering to a diverse array of subjects, Question AI is an essential resource for students at all educational levels, enhancing understanding and improving academic outcomes in areas such as math, science, and literature.

Top Features
  1. Intuitive Interface: User-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and professionals.

  2. Advanced Video Editing: Tools for color correction, special effects, and audio enhancement.

  3. Multiple Export Formats: Ability to export videos in various formats and resolutions.

  4. Cut and Merge: Easy options to cut and merge different video clips seamlessly.

  5. Enhancement Tools: Comprehensive tools to enhance video quality and audio clarity.


StudentMate - Assignment Helper}

Why use StudentMate? and how does it work?

Maximize your academic efficiency with StudentMate, the innovative tool designed to help you stay on top of your coursework without ever missing a deadline. Whether it's through seamless integration with Blackboard or leveraging cutting-edge AI to extract assignments from teachers' Google Slides, StudentMate is your go-to for managing academic tasks. Enjoy features like automatic class and assignment updates, high-priority reminders via email, and user-friendly automations to streamline your study routine. With StudentMate, you can focus on learning and leave the organization to us.

Top Features
  1. Never Forget An Assignment Again: Utilize reminders to keep track of all your assignments with ease.

  2. Direct Blackboard Connection: Sync your Blackboard account for auto-refreshed classes and assignments.

  3. Automate Your Assignments: Simplify your workflow with automated assignment updates.

  4. High-Priority Email Reminders: Get important notifications directly in your inbox.

  5. Use AI for Easy Setup: Automatically receive assignments from teachers using AI with no extra steps needed.

AI Homework Helper - Apex Vision AI

Why use AI Homework Helper - Apex Vision AI? and how does it work?

Our AI Homework Helper Chrome extension assists college students in handling multiple-choice homework and quizzes by providing instant, accurate answers. Apex Vision AI is dedicated to simplifying your study life. We save you time on homework, allowing you to focus more on learning, and continuously improve based on your feedback.

With broad subject coverage, our AI Homework Helper Extension offers detailed answers for all subjects, including math, science, and English. The user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates into your browser, providing an intuitive and efficient study experience. Trusted by students worldwide, our AI Homework Answering extension delivers quick and precise answers, ensuring you stay on top of your coursework.

Our all-in-one solution offers comprehensive AI homework help with instant assistance via pop-ups, toolbars, on-screen buttons, auto-fill, and image analysis. Operating discreetly, our AI Homework Helper provides high-quality assistance without detection. Enhance your learning experience with detailed study tips from our AI, helping you improve your overall academic performance.

Top Features
  1. Instant Homework Solutions via Pop-Up: Quickly access AI-generated homework solutions through our intuitive extension pop-up.

  2. AI Toolbar Integration: Get swift homework answers with our integrated toolbar, accessible with just a key press.

  3. Instant Assistance On-Screen Buttons: Receive immediate AI-driven guidance with our on-screen buttons, blending seamlessly into your study environment.

  4. Smartbook Auto-Fill: Save time with our advanced AI technology that automatically fills in answers for McGraw Hill Smartbooks.

  5. Canvas Auto-Fill: Complete Canvas tests efficiently with fast, accurate auto-fill from our AI technology.

  6. Versatile Side Panel: Get quick AI-driven answers for any homework question with our side panel, enhancing your study experience.

  7. AI Image Analysis: Analyze images and extract relevant information effortlessly with our AI, enhancing your study sessions with visual data.

  8. Integrated Chrome Extension: Convenient access to homework assistance directly from the browser, without the need for switching applications.

  9. Diverse Subject Help: Offers customizable help across different homework subjects, catering to a wide range of educational needs.

  10. Stress Reduction: Minimizes the anxiety related to tough homework or quiz questions by providing reliable and fast assistance.

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