Your thoughts in words Say exactly what you mean through clear, compelling, and authentic writing. Wordtune is the ultimate AI writing tool that rewrites and rephrases your writing! Get AI-powered suggestions to instantly improve everything you write.


1) Does Wordtune have an API?

Wordtune is now offering its own application programming interface (API), with the same high-quality writing and reading capabilities that you know and love from Wordtune! With Wordtune API, you can integrate Wordtune’s exceptional generative AI into your own apps, platforms, and products. Fore more information about our task-specific APIs, visit the AI21 Studio webpage.

2) How do I use Wordtune in my browser?

You can use Wordtune in just about all places you do your writing! Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Web Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Web, frase.io… you name it!Google Chrome: head to your Chrome Web Store to add Wordtune. Highlight your text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be wowed.‍Microsoft Edge: you’ll find us in the Add-on Store. Highlight your text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be wowed.Wordtune Editor Site: You can also write directly in the online Wordtune Editor to see more suggestions and tips! Microsoft Word: find us in the Add-Ins store in Microsoft Office or online on Microsoft 365.




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