Zevi is an AI-powered site search and discovery platform that specializes in helping customers quickly discover products, ultimately boosting sales and conversions. With Zevi's tailored site search solutions, businesses can enhance their website's search capabilities, providing a seamless search experience for users. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Zevi enables customers to find products with ease, improving engagement and driving sales. Whether for enterprises or Shopify stores, Zevi's AI-driven search and chat solution guides prospects from discovery to conversion, creating a personalized and intent-focused shopping experience. Request a demo now and unlock the potential of AI-driven site search and chat for your business.

Top Features:
  1. AI-powered Site Search: Zevi utilizes artificial intelligence to power its site search enabling customers to quickly and accurately discover products on a website.

  2. Personalized Recommendations: With Zevi's AI capabilities personalized product recommendations can be provided to users based on their preferences and browsing history enhancing the overall shopping experience.

  3. Easy Integration: Zevi offers an easy-to-integrate solution for businesses allowing seamless integration of its AI-powered site search and chat capabilities into existing websites or Shopify stores.

  4. Neural Search Technology: Zevi leverages cutting-edge neural search technology to deliver fast and accurate search results ensuring customers can find the products they are looking for with precision.

  5. ChatGPT-like Shopping Assistant: Zevi's AI-powered shopping assistant inspired by ChatGPT provides conversational and personalized support to customers answering inquiries and assisting with product discovery.





Site search
Discovery platform
Boost sales
Customer satisfaction
Personalized search results
Product recommendations
Data-driven decisions
E-commerce search


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