2 Slash

2 Slash

2Slash transforms any text field into a smart AI assistant with a simple command.

Type "//" in any text field or text area, you instantly activate the power of 2Slash. This intuitive and straightforward approach serves as the key to unlock a world of possibilities.

Use everyday language to interact with our AI. Ask questions, seek assistance, or provide instructions, and witness how the AI comprehends and responds in real-time.

Seamlessly integrate the results into your workflows, saving time and unlocking new possibilities. Embrace the power of AI-driven insights to enhance your productivity and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Top Features:
  1. ✅ Generate social media content
  2. ✅ Google Sheets formulas
  3. ✅ Email replies & Content
  4. ✅ Translate
  5. ✅ Writing code
  6. ✅ Enhance grammar

1) What browsers is the extension available on?

Currently, the extension is available on the Chrome browser. We are planning to expand to Firefox and Edge very soon.

2) What models does 2Slash runs on?

We currently run on GPT4 and allow users to experiment with other models as well.

3) Why should I use 2Slash over ChatGPT?

2Slash is fully integrated into any text input. It also allows a simple tailored approach to specific unique problems providing the best results possible.

4) What is the lifetime deal?

This allows you to bring your own API key and use the extension as much as you want with no limitations.





Social Media Writing Rephrase Code Sheets Emails Translate Tweet Chrome Extension

Tech used:

Swiper OpenAI

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