Welcome to 365mvps, the hub for daily Minimal Viable Product (MVP) ideas that are both generated by AI and driven by a community of enthusiastic developers, designers, and makers. At 365mvps, you can explore innovative concepts that harness the power of AI to address real-world challenges, optimize processes, and open new avenues for digital growth. The platform features a range of MVPs, from SEO crawlers like InsightCrawl and AI InsightBot, designed to provide AI-powered SEO analysis and insights, to financial tools like BackVoice which empowers supporters in crowdfunding decisions. CodeKey represents another groundbreaking MVP enabling creators to monetize their code repositories efficiently with integrated payment solutions. Whether you are looking to get inspired by the latest trends in tech innovation or hoping to bring a project to life, 365mvps offers a collaborative environment where ideas take shape, grow, and thrive.

Top Features:
  1. SEO Analysis: Leverage AI-powered analysis to gain valuable SEO insights and capture emerging opportunities with tools like InsightCrawl and AI InsightBot.

  2. Community Involvement: Encourage community participation in project decision-making with financial mechanisms like BackVoice.

  3. Creator Monetization: Explore monetizing opportunities for creators by selling private access to code repositories through CodeKey.

  4. Innovative Voting: Implement a 'pay to vote' feature adding financial support and impact to user requests.

  5. Collaborative Ideation: Join a community that contributes and fine-tunes MVP ideas daily fostering collaboration and creativity.


1) What is 365mvps?

365mvps is an online platform that provides daily MVP ideas, which are both community-driven and AI-generated. It caters to developers, designers, and makers.

2) What are some examples of MVPs on 365mvps?

InsightCrawl and AI InsightBot are examples of SEO crawlers on 365mvps that provide AI-powered insights and suggestions for improving website SEO performance.

3) What is the difference between community-driven and AI-generated MVP ideas?

Community-driven ideas are sourced from users and participants of the website, while AI-generated ideas are created through the use of artificial intelligence.

4) What is BackVoice?

BackVoice is a financial mechanism that allows supporters to have a say in decision-making processes for projects, particularly in crowdfunding contexts.

5) What does CodeKey do?

CodeKey is an MVP that enables creators to monetize their code repositories with seamless access control and integrated payment systems.




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