A life story

A life story

Preserve cherished memories and personal histories with Life Story, an AI-powered biographer designed to craft beautiful autobiographies for you or your loved ones. Creating a personalized life story has never been easier; simply answer questions prompted by Lisa, the AI biographer, and let the technology weave the narrative.

With Life Story, journey through your family's anecdotes and experiences, and own a physical testament to your lineage. Perfect for gifting, it's an effortless way to capture the essence of your relatives' lives. Your parent or grandparent's tales fill the pages, starting at just $99, with a limited-time special offer of a 5% discount using the code SPECIAL05.

The process is simple, accessible to those familiar with technology or not, ensuring anyone can participate. Embrace this unique merger of tradition and tech and watch as your family's legacy is immortalized in print.

Top Features:
  1. Personalized Biography: Lisa, the AI, crafts biographies based on user responses.

  2. Custom Questionnaire: The AI asks questions related to previous answers to create a nuanced life story.

  3. Multiple Usage Options: Whether interviewing a relative or narrating your tale, Life Story accommodates different preferences.

  4. Accessible To All: Suited for individuals comfortable with technology as well as those who are not.

  5. Special Offers: Claim a 5% discount with a specific code for a limited period.


1) What is Life Story?

Life Story is a service that allows you to create a personalized autobiography using an AI biographer named Lisa, who guides the storytelling process through a series of relevant questions.

2) Is there a discount available for Life Story?

You can receive a 5% discount on your purchase with the code SPECIAL05 for a limited time.

3) How does a family member contribute to their Life Story book?

Your parent or the chosen family member needs to answer various questions asked by Lisa, the AI, and their story will be crafted based on those answers.

4) Can I use Life Story on my own?

Yes, you can use Life Story by yourself if you're comfortable with technology or act as an interviewer for a parent or relative.

5) What is the starting price for creating a Life Story book?

Life Story is available starting at $99.




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