Adaptiv Me

Adaptiv Me

Adaptiv Me is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to enhancing your career through personalized mentoring and upskilling, all powered by the latest AI technology. With Ada, the AI-powered career mentor, Adaptiv Me offers end-to-end career intelligence services, from identifying emerging job requirements to creating a tailored learning journey. These services are designed to navigate through the new economy, assisting you in selecting the most suitable professional paths to achieve success. The platform uses micro-learning, an innovative approach that delivers education in small, manageable lessons, making your learning experience more efficient and engaging. With lifetime access to Adaptiv Me's resources, including an array of micro-courses on current skill demands such as Marketing, Web3, FinTech, and more, you can ensure your professional development continues throughout your career. Plus, this service is highly affordable, with plans costing less than a daily cup of coffee. Success stories from global learners underline the effectiveness and simplicity of this intuitive learning app.

Top Features:
  1. Super Smart AI Ada: AI-powered mentor providing career guidance based on the new economy's emerging requirements.

  2. Personalized Experience: Tailored learning journeys with micro-courses designed for individual career objectives.

  3. Highly Accessible: Affordable plans with premium access at a minimal cost offering quality education on a budget.

  4. Lifetime Access: Continuous access to Ada and Adaptiv's resources to support ongoing professional growth.

  5. Explore Career Recipes: Discover AI-generated career roadmaps based on your life goals skills and interests.


1) What is micro-learning?

Micro-learning is an educational approach providing small, bite-sized lessons designed to help the learner grasp information quickly and effectively.

2) What is the advantage of AI-powered career mentors?

AI-powered career mentors like Ada assess emerging market trends and provide personalized guidance to help users navigate and succeed in the new economy.

3) Is Adaptiv a paid service?

Adaptiv offers free account creation and access to some resources, while premium features are available with paid plans.

4) What is Adaptiv premium?

Adaptiv premium provides full access to micro-courses, personalized learning journeys, and career mentoring for an affordable subscription fee.

5) Can I change my plan/subscription?

Adaptiv allows users to change plans or subscriptions, details for which can be accessed via their pricing plans or FAQs.





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