Adventure AI

Adventure AI

Adventure AI offers an innovative platform where children can learn and apply real AI skills through a fun and interactive social game hosted on Discord. The program is designed to educate children in a self-paced environment, focusing on areas such as AI-assisted art, GPT-based projects, coding AI, and more. Starting at the training school, students work through a curated curriculum that aligns with their interests. Upon completing the training, they progress to the "world school," where they embark on creating competitive projects that have real-world marketplace value. Adventure AI makes learning AI tools through gamification such as art duels, teamwork in voice channels, and quests that keep the experience engaging and intrinsically motivating. Members can choose from various pricing options, including limited or unlimited AI tool access, self-paced curriculums, and even small group classes with AI experts, ensuring there’s a fit for every interest and commitment level.

Top Features:
  1. Self-Paced AI Curriculum: A tailored learning path for children to develop AI skills at their own pace.

  2. Engaging Gamification: Integrating AI tools into fun games like art duels to boost engagement and learning.

  3. Real-World Market Value: Preparing children to create projects that hold actual marketplace value.

  4. Social and Collaborative Learning: Encouraging teamwork and collaboration through voice channels and interactive quests.

  5. Flexible Pricing Plans: Offering multiple levels of access to fit different learning needs and budgets.


1) What will children learn in Adventure AI?

Children will learn real AI skills by working through a self-paced curriculum focussing on different areas such as AI-assisted art, GPT-based projects, and coding AI.

2) What happens after children complete the training school?

After completing the training school, children enter 'world school', where they make professional-level creations that have real-world value.

3) Is there any emphasis on collaboration in Adventure AI?

Yes, students have the opportunity to help each other, riff on others' work, and collaborate in voice channels.

4) What are the pricing options for Adventure AI?

Pricing options range from $10/month for limited AI tools access, to $160/month for small group classes with an AI expert, encompassing various levels of curriculum and AI tool usage.

5) What platform does Adventure AI use for delivering its program?

Adventure AI utilizes a Discord-based platform for the educational program, where children interact through text and voice channels.





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