AI Holiday Cards

AI Holiday Cards

Celebrate the season with unique and personalized touches using AI Holiday Cards! Our AI engine specializes in creating photorealistic holiday cards designed for couples who want to capture and share their love during the festive period. With a quick and easy process, you can upload separate photos of you and your partner, make a payment, and our high-performance AI technology gets to work. In less than 45 minutes, you'll have 30 custom, holiday-themed AI photos that echo the joy and spirit of the holidays. Plus, we create a custom holiday postcard that can be printed, shared, or sent online. Founded by Ana and Martin, who are passionate about infusing technology with personal connection, AI Holiday Cards offers a novel way to create holiday memories with the latest AI technology. It's safe, with no refund hassles and secured by Stripe payment processing. Even if you're not a couple, you can still enjoy our service as long as you have a minimum of 20 photos together. Get started today and turn your moments into holiday treasures!

Top Features:
  1. 30 AI Realistic Photos: Receive a batch of 30 custom holiday-themed realistic AI photos.

  2. Custom Holiday Postcard: Get a personalized postcard generated by AI that can be shared digitally or printed.

  3. Fast Generation: Experience a quick AI generation process usually taking between 30 to 45 minutes.

  4. Safety and Security: Secure payment processing with Stripe ensuring safety without storing credit card information.

  5. No Refund Hassle: Due to the instant commencement of the AI training after payment there are no refunds keeping the process straightforward.


1) What file formats of photos do you accept?

We currently accept png and jpg formats and plan to accept more in the future.

2) Will the AI photos look exactly like us?

We aim to perfectly replicate your faces in the generated photos; however, as AI technology is still advancing, we provide 30 photos to ensure you find the best ones.

3) Do you accept refunds?

No, refunds are not possible as the AI training process begins immediately after payment is processed.

4) Is the payment method safe?

Yes, it is safe. We use Stripe for payments and do not store any credit card information.

5) If I am not in a couple, can I create the AI photos with someone else?

Yes, you can, provided you have a minimum of 20 photos with the person you want to create the AI photos with.





AI Holiday Cards
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