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Amy App is an innovative AI-driven platform tailored to transform the way students approach math learning. At its heart is "Amy," an AI-based private tutor that provides real-time, personalized feedback, ensuring students not only understand math concepts but also identify and bridge their knowledge gaps.

What sets Amy apart is its adaptability, catering to learners from all walks of life, irrespective of their location or time constraints. The platform is insightful, offering tools for students, teachers, and parents to keep track of learning progress. It's also dynamic, with Amy constantly refining assignments to best suit each student's learning curve.

The intuitive design of the platform ensures students have all the necessary resources at their fingertips, making the learning process seamless. The personal touch Amy brings to the table makes learning feel like an engaging conversation with a friend. This effectiveness is further underscored by outcome-driven assignments that not only accelerate learning but also enhance retention.

Top Features:
  1. Adaptable: is designed for universal accessibility, ensuring students can learn anytime, anywhere, catering to diverse schedules and environments.

  2. Insightful Monitoring: The platform offers comprehensive tools that allow students, educators, and parents to track learning progress, ensuring a clear understanding of each student's journey.

  3. Dynamic Assignments: Amy's AI-driven approach continuously refines and adjusts assignments, ensuring they are tailored to optimize each student's learning experience.

  4. Intuitive Learning: eliminates the guesswork in learning by providing all essential resources, making the process straightforward and efficient for students.

  5. Personal Touch: Interacting with Amy feels akin to learning from a close friend, ensuring an engaging and comforting learning environment.


1) How does utilize AI to enhance math learning? employs AI to offer real-time feedback, personalize assignments, and identify and fill students' knowledge gaps, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

2) Can educators and parents track a student's progress on

Yes, provides insightful monitoring tools that allow both educators and parents to keep a comprehensive track of a student's learning journey and progress.





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