Arria is a leading provider of Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology and products. They offer a wide range of solutions for various industries including Business Intelligence, Agent Automation, and Content Automation. With their expertise in NLG, Arria helps businesses in generating human-like narratives and reports from complex data and information.

In terms of Technology & Products, Arria offers tools such as Arria Finance Analyst, Arria Investment Analyst, and Arria Ping Analyst for the finance industry. They also provide Arria for Excel and Arria for RPA to automate data-driven tasks. Additionally, Arria offers Arria NLG Studio and Arria Connect for content automation, enabling businesses to generate written content automatically.

Arria emphasizes its Industry Expertise by showcasing various use cases across different sectors. Their solutions cater to Enterprise Reporting, Financial Services, Pharma, Energy, Quick Serve Restaurants, Consumer Research, Consumer Goods, Government/Military, Real Estate, and News and Media. They understand the specific needs of each industry and provide tailored NLG solutions.

For Community Resources, Arria provides a variety of valuable content including resource libraries, document libraries, video libraries, and demos & case studies. They also have a Power BI Gallery showcasing NLG-powered visualizations. Arria keeps the community updated with news and events through webinars, podcasts, blogs, and newsrooms. They also have a partner program and integrations with other technologies.

The "About Arria" section provides insights into Arria's core technology and patents. They explain their deployment options and highlight their culture and leadership team. Arria emphasizes NLG education through the Arria Academy and offers helpful tips and tricks for using their products. Customers can easily contact Arria for support or request a free trial or demo.

Overall, Arria offers powerful NLG solutions for businesses across industries. Their advanced technology and expertise in generating natural language narratives from data make them a trusted choice for automating content creation.

Top Features:
  1. Arria Finance Analyst: Generate human-like narratives and reports for the finance industry.

  2. Arria Investment Analyst: Analyze and interpret investment data using NLG technology.

  3. Arria Ping Analyst: Automatically generate written content based on real-time data.

  4. Arria for Excel: Integrate NLG capabilities into Excel for automated data insights.

  5. Arria NLG Studio: Create customized NLG solutions and automate content generation.




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