ArtBot provides an innovative platform for users to create AI-generated images through the power of Stable Diffusion, hosted on the AI Horde's distributed network of GPUs. It is designed to offer a seamless experience in generative art creation without the need for user registration, making it both accessible and free. The website features an array of creation tools including ControlNet, Draw, Image-to-Image transformation, Inpainting, and Live Paint, all aimed at fostering creativity and artistic expression. The user interface is intuitive, allowing for easy management of images, participation in image ratings, and access to a gallery showcasing community-created artworks. Additionally, ArtBot is regularly updated with new models and improvements, and support is provided through a FAQ section and direct contact options, including Discord and Mastodon. With its community-centric approach, ArtBot invites everyone to explore, create, and share generative art, all while contributing to the open-source landscape.

Top Features:
  1. Create New Images: Utilize a suite of tools including ControlNet and Draw to craft unique AI-generated images.

  2. Image-to-Image Transformation: Transform existing images into new artworks with the Image-to-Image feature.

  3. Inpainting & Live Paint: Enhance and refine your creations through Inpainting and experience real-time creation with Live Paint.

  4. Community Showcase: Explore a gallery of art created by the user community and share your own masterpieces.

  5. No Registration Required: Access the full suite of tools and participate in the community without needing to register.




Stable Diffusion
Generative AI Art
Distributed Computing
AI Horde
Open Source GPUs
Community Showcase
Generative AI Platform

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