Unlock the full potential of your Metabase data analytics with Avanty, the AI-powered Chrome extension specifically designed to streamline your SQL query process. Avanty offers a suite of advanced features including automatic SQL query generation from natural language, intelligent editing, and auto-generated chart titles, all aimed at saving you time and effort. With intuitive error debugging, you can say goodbye to the frustration of typos or missing brackets, and with the extension's smart formatting, your queries will be clear and easy to read. Avanty is currently in early access and is the perfect tool for enhancing your workflow, whether you're a data analyst or part of a larger team. Offering compatibility with both self-hosted and cloud-based Metabase instances, Avanty ensures secure handling of metadata without ever accessing sensitive customer data. Get started today with a free trial or take advantage of the early access pricing!

Top Features:
  1. Natural Language SQL Generation: Avanty converts your natural language commands into SQL queries.

  2. Smart Error Debugging: Eliminate common SQL errors with machine learning-powered debugging tools.

  3. Automated Editing and Formatting: Save time with auto-edited and formatted SQL queries for better readability.

  4. Intuitive Extensions: Work seamlessly in Chrome with an intuitive extension tailored for Metabase.

  5. Security and Compatibility: Use Avanty confidently with secure metadata access and compatibility across Metabase platforms.





SQL Query
Data Analysis
Chrome Extension
Query Optimization


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