Bash is AI for all your documents, notes, agreements, articles, and content. Get answers, share insights, and create new documents, emails, outlines, and more within seconds. Start for free.

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in information? You need to understand complicated agreements, subjects you're not familiar with, and more to be productive at work, school, or in your personal life. That's where Bash can help.

  • Add your content and Bash will answer your questions, create summaries, outlines, rewrite text, and much more all for free.
  • Group content in a topic so relevant sources are organized together, or easily share a topic with others to spread your knowledge.
  • Create new drafts within seconds using over 40 templates (incl. blog posts, creative briefs, social media posts, essays, outlines)
  • Bash works in 14 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norse, Finnish, and Danish.

Ready to get started? Organize your information, share insights, and save hours every day with Bash.

Top Features:
  1. Bash works on information you provide and helps you analyze, write and share.

  2. Accurate and trustworthy - Works on information you provide. No hallucinations.

  3. Analyze & share - Understand, organize and share topics with others.

  4. Write fast - Built-in templates help create new documents within seconds.

  5. For everyone, everywhere - Works in all major languages. Use the browser extension to access Bash from anywhere.





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