Are you tired of spending countless hours on homework only to feel stuck and frustrated? Well, say goodbye to those days of endless struggle because AI homework tools are here to revolutionize how you complete your assignments. These cutting-edge tools harness the power of artificial intelligence technology to provide personalized assistance, making your homework journey smoother than ever before.

Gone are the days of generic solutions and one-size-fits-all approaches. With the best AI tools, you'll receive tailored guidance that caters to your needs. Whether it's solving complex math queries or crafting compelling essays, these AI homework tools have got you covered.

Get ready to bid farewell to academic stress and embrace a new era of smarter studying with AI homework tools leading the way.

5 Best AI Homework and Assignment Writing Tools for Students (Free and Paid)

  1. ChatGPT

  2. Google Bard

  3. Smodin

  4. Charley AI

  5. Air Math

1. ChatGPT - Best of Free AI Homework Tools

Regarding AI homework tools, ChatGPT is your new best friend. Need a quick fact check or explanation of a complex topic? No problem. It's like your own personal encyclopedia with an answer for nearly everything.

It's a user-friendly interface, and natural language processing with critical thinking capabilities are enormous for such a great AI content-writing tool. If you need help with any questions on academic subjects, ChatGPT will have detailed explanations for you in no time.

5 Best AI Homework Tools for Students in 2023

Why is ChatGPT one of the Best AI Homework Tools?

The Know-It-All: Need to know when World War II ended or why leaves change color in the fall? Well, ask anything to Chat GPT, and it will give you the best it can with the help of natural language processing.

Grammar Guru: Got an essay that needs a little polish? OpenAI’s ChatGPT can help catch any of those pesky grammatical mistakes and even help you find a better way to say what you mean.

Math Buddy: If numbers are your nemesis, don't worry. ChatGPT can tackle those math queries with advanced machine-learning algorithms. It can guide you through the steps and works as the best text-based answer generator.

Idea Incubator: If you're starting from scratch and need some inspiration for your essay or project, ChatGPT can help you brainstorm together until finding a topic that gets your creative juices flowing.

Language Companion: Trying to learn a new language? ChatGPT can translate phrases and even help you practice conversation in another language.

ChatGPT Pricing Plans

Free Plan: ChatGPT is a free version of the chatbot to get all your question answered.

Plus ($20/month): ChatGPT Plus plan does offer support for GPT-4 language model for better and faster output.

2. Google Bard - A Great Free AI Tool for Homework

Google Bard is Google's public entry into the field of artificial intelligence chatbots, launched in early 2023 as an experiment based on a large conversational language model.

Unlike a traditional search engine, Bard is designed to be a "creative and helpful collaborator" that people may converse with using natural language.

5 Best AI Homework Tools for Students in 2023

How can Google Bard be particularly useful for homework?

Exploring Topics: Bard AI platform can help users explore topics or identify related items, books, or concepts, which could be beneficial in terms of research assignments.

Drafting and Simplifying Text: Bard can be used to draft emails, create outlines for various projects, and simplify, rephrase, or summarize the text. Bard could be useful for essay writing or report creation.

Problem-Solving: Google Bard has been updated to understand better and respond to prompts for multi-step word and math problems.

Logic and Programming: Bard's capabilities have expanded to include better handling of logic questions to improve academic performance and achieve higher grades.

Bard can be accessed from any browser while signing into a Google account. Once you've navigated to and signed in, you can use Bard by entering a prompt in the provided box and reviewing Bard's response.

Google Bard provides a wide range of options for any response, including the ability to follow up with an additional prompt, and offers a chat-like format for interactions. However, Bard is still a work in progress, and some logic questions have posed challenges for Bard.

Google’s Bard AI is currently only available in 180 countries, and adding some more periodically. Check this list of availability of Bard if you still need access to it via your Google account. Also, it only supports 3 languages now, which is a drawback of using Bard against ChatGPT.

Google Bard AI Pricing plan

Free Plan: Bard AI offers a free plan as its starting stage. But in the future, Google will introduce a paid premium plan to provide better services to its users.

3. Smodin - AI Writing Companion for Students is an AI-powered platform designed to assist with homework completion. It is a comprehensive research tool, providing users with accurate and detailed information across various subjects.

The platform generates high-quality, structured text quickly, aiding in completing assignments efficiently and effectively. It can provide detailed answers to questions, making it a valuable study companion.

Over 3 million students trust Smodin AI across 30,000+ universities from 180+ countries.

5 Best AI Homework Tools for Students in 2023

How can Smodin help with homework?

ChatIn: The Smodin ChatIn feature is powered by ChatGPT AI technology and Google, letting you know precisely where this AI found the information.

Research: It can assist in research by providing complete and accurate results, which can help you quickly understand complex topics and save time.

Writing: You can write anything, anywhere, anytime. The tool provides high-quality, structured text complete with references and can generate any piece of text you need on any topic, making the writing process 10 times faster.

Answering Questions: can provide detailed answers to any questions you might have, which can be helpful when studying for tests or when you need to understand specific subject matter details.

Feedback and Grading: The platform offers instant feedback on improving any text, argument, or structure of a piece of writing. This feature could be handy for improving your writing skills over time and enhancing the quality of your homework.

Citations: Smodin Omni can automatically generate references in MLA and APA formats, making it easier to cite sources correctly in your assignments.

Plagiarism Prevention: The tool can help create original content and has plagiarism detectors to ensure the content is unique, which is crucial for maintaining academic integrity in your homework. Pricing Plans

Limited (Free Plan): This plan has limited words and a writing credit limit.

Essential ($10/month): You can write 20,000 words with 100 writing credits monthly. Smodin Essential plan is suitable for high-school students.

Productive ($29/month): Allows 100,000 words with 500 writing credits monthly. Best for long-from AI writing for any grade student.

4. Charley AI - Proven Homework Tool for Students

Charley AI is an AI-powered application designed to assist with the writing process. It provides users with information to strengthen and make their sentences more relevant and engaging. Charley AI also has an editing feature to fix mistakes and improve essays easier, making it a valuable tool for writing better papers.

Over 250,000 students in academic writing trust this AI tool. It can generate plagiarism-free content in seconds with no grammatical errors.

5 Best AI Homework Tools for Students in 2023

What are the main features of Charley AI?

AI-Powered Essay Writing: Charley AI uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to create high-quality academic articles.

Customizable Templates: Various templates help structure complex questions based on specific writing needs.

Grammar and Style Suggestions: Real-time grammar suggestions and syntax offer well-written and polished academic compositions.

Research Assistance: This AI tool can identify the ideal topics for your academic writing and provides insightful information to get better grades.

Plagiarism Checker: A built-in plagiarism checker ensures the originality of AI writing and adherence to meet academic standards.

User-Friendly Interface: Charley AI's simple user interface is intuitive and easy for beginners.

Charley AI Pricing Plans

Mini Plan ($8.99/month): This plan is limited to 12,000 words per month and is suitable for occasional users.

Student Plan ($13.99/month): Allows 35,000 words monthly. Better for high-school students.

Ultimate Plan ($18.99/month): This plan is limited to 100,00 words per month and is suitable for professionals.

5. Air Math - AI for Math Homework

Air Math is an AI-powered, 24/7 math homework helper that assists students with math homework and test preparation. It can recognize and solve math problems, ranging from simple equations to complex words, by taking a photo on the mobile app.

The platform provides math solutions within seconds. However, it can only recognize and solve one problem at a time from a single image upload.

5 Best AI Homework Tools for Students in 2023

How complex math problems can Air Math solve with AI?

AI-Powered Solver: Air Math uses AI technology to recognize and solve math problems. This can include anything from simple equations to complex word queries. The AI can interpret a problem from a screenshot or photo, turn it into an equation, and provide a solution.

Wide Range of Topics Covered: It can solve a wide array of math problems. It covers topics from basic math to differential equations. The help with geometry, precalculus, and algebra has never been this easy.

1:1 Live Chat with Tutors: If the AI-provided solutions are insufficient, you can use the 1:1 live chat service with expert tutors. They can guide you 24/7 with detailed explanations for your math queries.

Convenience Across Devices: This AI tool is available as a mobile app and a Chrome extension. It allows you to switch between devices while working on their mathematical queries seamlessly. Questions and solutions can be linked automatically from the web to the mobile app, ensuring the user's study session continuity.

User-Friendly Interface: The design of this tool is easy to navigate. So you can screenshot or snap a photo of the math query, and the app or extension will take care of the rest.

Air Math Pricing Plans

Free Plan: This tool is free to use but has ticket-based transactions. They have Search, Question, and Writing tickets type. You can earn more tickets by referring to this excellent tool for friends, families, and the outer world.

Tickets: The tickets refill plans start from $19.99 a month if you have more queries to solve.

Pass: Pass for Air Math starts from $29.99 a month for unlimited search tickets and some question tickets.

To learn more about Air Math pricing, visit the AI:R Math app on Apple Store.


AI homework tools have the potential to revolutionize the education landscape. By leveraging artificial intelligence, these tools can significantly impact how students complete their homework assignments.

The future outlook for AI tools for homework is promising as they continue to evolve and shape the education landscape positively. With their personalized assistance, instant feedback, and time-saving capabilities, these tools can potentially enhance student's learning experiences. Educators can embrace AI tools as valuable assets in supporting student achievement by addressing concerns and leveraging real-life examples of success.


What is the AI app that helps with homework?

ChatGPT is a free revolutionary artificial intelligence tool that can help with homework like essay writing, solving math queries, and more. OpenAI developed this AI homework helper, and it's trendy. Many AI tools were developed over the same GPT language models, like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, that ChatGPT uses.

What is the AI tool for math problems?

Air Math is a great AI tool for solving mathematical queries. You can ask for help with your questions about algebra, geometry, precalculus, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, discrete mathematics, and finite mathematics.

Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is far better than Google Bard as of June 2023, as Bard is still in the AI models training phase and generates wrong answers sometimes. But Google Bard is a lot quicker in generating responses to your queries than the GPT-3.5 version.

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