ChatTube is a Chrome extension that allows you to chat with YouTube Videos in real-time using AI while watching - ask questions, get summaries, pinpoint key points, translate content, and so much more!

How to use:

  1. Install this extension
  2. Go to any YouTube video page
  3. Sign in and chat!

Common use cases include:

🎓 Online Learning

📖 Instant Summaries

🖥️ Product Reviews

🗺️ Travel Planning

🍕 Food Recommendations and more!

Top Features:
  1. Transcript-Free Support: Chat with videos without transcripts.
  2. In-Video Chat: Chat directly on the YouTube video page.
  3. Versatile: Supports Q&A, learning, reviews, and translations.
  4. Content Translation: Easily translate video content.
  5. Info Extraction: Pulls relevant details from videos.
  6. Accessibility: Features for users with varying accessibility needs.





ChatYouTubeChatbotAI VideosSummarizer

Tech used:

Chrome extension Next.js Chat GPT

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