Unlock the full potential of your website with Collie, the innovative one-click knowledge hub. By simply entering your URL, Collie swiftly fetches every available asset, organizing them impressively for user access. From HTML to multimedia, Collie indexes an array of content types making them instantly searchable via Mixpeek, enhancing the user experience. This tool promises quick, automated content collection while ensuring security for all extracted content. With accessibility in mind, Collie offers a free Chrome extension and a robust private embedded file search in beta, ready for trial. Ensuring a seamless integration, Collie provides a customizable search bar for your website and direct API calls backed by a straightforward installation guide. Above all, Collie values the security of your content, reassuring users with a clear security stance and offering simple processes for managing indexed files.

Top Features:
  1. One-Click Asset Fetching: Automatically extracts and indexes webpage assets creating an accessible knowledge hub.

  2. Multimodal Content Support: Indexes various content types including PDFs images videos audio HTML and text.

  3. Enhanced Search Capability: Integrates with Mixpeek to provide a comprehensive search experience on your website.

  4. User-Friendly Integration: Offers a free Chrome extension and detailed installation guide for adding search functions to your website.

  5. Privacy and Control: Ensures the security of your indexed content and provides an easy process for file management.





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Knowledge Hub
Automated Content Collection
User Experience
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