Doerplan offers an advanced solution for automated marketing designed to help creators and builders market their products with ease and efficiency. With a one-time payment, users gain access to a suite of tools that provide a clear path from product development to market success. Doerplan focuses on automating the marketing process, allowing users to create highly detailed user personas, actionable marketing strategies, and gain competitor insights. Additionally, Doerplan provides templates for market strategies, website and ad copy generators, and powerful document editors. These features are all designed to help users better understand their audience, craft easy-to-follow strategies, and successfully sell their products.

Top Features:
  1. User Persona Generator: Highly detailed user personas with insights into your audience.

  2. Actionable Marketing Strategies: Personalized strategies and plans providing a clear path forward.

  3. Competitor Insights: In-depth knowledge of your competitors.

  4. Website and Ad Copy Generator: Tailored content for ads and websites.

  5. Powerful Document Editor: A dynamic editor with powerful components for crafting documents.


1) Do I only get a PDF and that's it?

Doerplan is much more than a PDF report; it provides ongoing guidance and tools for your go-to-market strategy and serves as mission control for your launch.

2) So I bought a project, now what?

Once you have access, simply add details about your project and Doerplan takes over from there.

3) Is there a time limit for usage?

No, there is no time limit; you have lifetime access after a one-time payment and will receive all future features.

4) Can Doerplan generate personas?

Yes, Doerplan can generate highly detailed personas, along with other marketing tools to provide a comprehensive marketing solution.

5) Can I download everything that is generated?

Absolutely, you can download all generated material and export information at any time.





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