Marketing Mega-Prompts

Marketing Mega-Prompts

A hand-crafted collection of 40 Marketing Mega-Prompts for Solopreneurs.

Supercharge your Marketing with ChatGPT. Generate a marketing strategy, improve your landing page, and create better content in seconds.

Top Features:
  1. Define your marketing strategy

  2. Brainstorm ideas

  3. Get honest feedback

  4. Outsource boring tasks


1) How do you deliver monthly updates?

You will get an email with new prompts. And we will also add them to the database.

2) Is it a monthly subscription?

No. You pay once and get lifetime access. If you get the “Marketing Mega-Prompts + Monthly Updates” plan, you will get 6 months of updates for a one-time payment too.

3) Can I use these prompts in Bard and other tools?

Yes. But keep in mind that we optimized them on ChatGPT responses.

4) How exactly is it tailored to Solopreneurs’ needs?

We cover use cases that most Bootstrapped Founders face every day. And we do it with regard to their marketing budget and capacity. So, don’t expect prompts about hiring, pitching VC, and spending millions on Facebook Ads.

5) Isn’t ChatGPT only good at creating content?

Content creation is actually the weakest part of ChatGPT. That’s why we don’t have a lot of prompts to generate content. ChatGPT is powerful at brainstorming, problem-solving, and giving objective feedback. This is what 90% of our prompts are about.

6) Why can’t I use free ChatGPT prompts?

You can. But most will return mediocre responses you can’t apply to your business. Because ChatGPT doesn’t have enough instructions, formatting rules, and information about you to generate helpful responses. Our mega-prompts solve this problem.





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