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Beki helps you find, add, and track internal links with AI, making content optimization easier and more efficient. Discover key linking opportunities, build them effortlessly with a few clicks, and monitor their positive impact on your organic traffic and user experience.

BekiAI - Internal Linking Tool streamlines the process of establishing internal links on your website with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. It eliminates the conventional complexity of using search operators and extensive spreadsheets by providing users with a straightforward, powerful interface. You can easily find, add, and track internal links, enhancing your content optimization and SEO strategy efficiently. Through features like AI-driven link suggestions, link creation, and performance monitoring, users get actionable insights to improve their site's organic traffic and user engagement. A free 7-day trial is available, making it accessible for website owners and SEO professionals to explore its capabilities without any upfront credit card commitment.

Top Features:
  1. AI internal link generator

  2. Internal link analytics (track clicks, impressions and CTR on each internal link)

  3. Website crawling and page inventory

  4. Real time updates on link clicks

  5. WordPress integration to update posts straight from our platform


1) How does BekiAI find link opportunities?

BekiAI finds internal linking opportunities by comparing bits of content to each other. It uses AI to find the most relevant links for your content. It also takes into account the context of the content and the link.

2) What is a tracked page?

Not all pages on a website are content pages. Content pages being pages that are meant to be an informative read for a user, like a blog post page, etc. These are the pages that, during onboarding, you want to mark (track) for BekiAI to scan for internal linking opportunities. Since this is a relatively expensive operation, we limit the number of pages you can mark as "tracked". Tracked pages have no impact on the links that are monitored by BekiAI. All the links that are found on your website, regardless of whether the page is tracked or not, are shown. Only internal linking opportunities are limited to tracked pages.

3) How often do you scan my content?

Your content is scanned every 24 hours. We check for new content and new internal linking opportunities. We also check for new or removed links, as well their health status.

4) Which CMS can I integrate?

Currently we only support integration with Wordpress, but we are working on bringing more CMS integrations. If you have a specific CMS you would like us to integrate with, please let us know at

5) Does BekiAI automatically add links?

Yes, if you use one of our supported integrations, then BekiAI has the ability to automatically edit your content and add the links for you. Other than that, you can always manually add the links yourself. We are working on making this process work without an explicit CMS integration, but more on this in the future.





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Tech used:

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