The App Development Cost Estimation AI-Powered Tool is an innovative solution designed to assist both startups and established agencies in gauging the investment required for web and mobile application development. This online tool offers a streamlined approach to getting instant, rough estimates for creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) including budget and project timeline, all without the need for direct sales interaction. The AI-driven platform ensures clarity on the project details necessary for your briefing document and provides the option to receive proposals from a curated database of developers. It indeed promises a non-intrusive and sales-pitch-free experience. Notably, the tool is backed by the expertise of seasoned developers who have reviewed and confirmed the AI responses, ensuring reliability in the estimates provided. Offering a commitment to the understanding that every project presents unique challenges, the tool is prepared to help you kickstart conversations with your future developer team with a well-informed financial perspective. Whether you are a startup seeking a unique estimation or an agency interested in a white-label solution or new leads, this tool is equipped and ready to support your goals. Created through a collaborative effort between ChatGPT and the team of developers at FENWIK, the tool is regularly updated and invites users to stay connected for additional updates via Twitter.

Top Features:
  1. Rough Estimate: Quick, AI-powered estimation for your MVP's budget and timeline.

  2. Project Brief Clarity: Guidance on details required for your project brief.

  3. Developer Proposals: Access to proposals from a database of developers (optional).

  4. Free and Instant: Estimates are provided instantly at no cost.

  5. Developer-Verified: AI responses are reviewed and confirmed by experienced developers.




App Development Cost Estimation AI-Powered Tool MVP Budget Project Timeline Non-Intrusive Sales-Pitch-Free Mobile App Web App

Tech used:

Webflow jQuery


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