Flowpoint leverages AI to swiftly identify and address website issues at scale. It replicates the depth of understanding achieved through human analysis. The tool prioritizes impactful problems and provides automated solutions for technical, UX/UI, and content enhancements. It optimizes user journeys based on ROI and enhances website performance. This is achieved through multi-domain funnel tracking, comprehensive analytics, AI-powered recommendations, and event capturing. Flowpoint empowers users to take meaningful actions for remarkable improvements.

Top Features:
  1. Funnel Analytics
  2. AI-Powered Website Audit
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  4. Technical, UI/UX, Content Insights

1) What is Flowpoint?

Flowpoint is a software as a service product where customers of any type and size which have an online presence can understand how to optimise their websites in order to generate more revenue.

2) How is Flowpoint actually different from any other web analytics tools?

Compared to any web analytics on the market, Flowpoint does not only track your users action but it can identify the issues they face and tell you actionable insights that you can make in order to fix them.

3) What is a Flow?

A flow is a particular set of steps your users need to follow on your website to achieve a business goal (ex: viewing a product, adding it to the basket, adding card details, placing the order)

4) What data do we analyse?

We track actions such as mouse clicks, page scrolls, tab switches, page reloads. Our AI then uses all those data points in order to identify different behaviours and emotions on your website. We also detect technical issues and corelate them together.





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Tech used:

Emotion Next.js MIUI

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