FormWise.AI is a powerful AI tool that allows you to build custom AI toolkits for various industries. With FormWise.AI, you can create industry-specific AI toolkits for your clients and embed them anywhere. Whether you need AI tools for marketing, copywriting, webinars, coaching, or more, FormWise.AI has you covered. The platform offers prompt chaining, data sources integration, high-level integration, internal tools creation, and much more. You can even build dynamic lead magnets based on user inputs and deliver outputs via webhooks to your CRM. With FormWise.AI, you can easily design versatile generative AI tools for your SaaS and monetize them in minutes. Start your 7-day free trial and join thousands of entrepreneurs and SaaS owners who are building AI tools with zero code.

Top Features:
  1. Build Custom AI Toolkits: Create industry-specific AI toolkits for your clients and embed them anywhere.

  2. Prompt Chaining: Chain together multiple prompts to produce powerful AI workflows.

  3. Data Sources Integration: Build AI tools powered by your favorite prompts and internal data.

  4. HighLevel Integration: Deploy custom AI toolsets to your subaccounts monetize and set up gating.

  5. Internal Tools Creation: Operationalize ChatGPT and build internal tools for your staff and employees.




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