Inworld AI

Inworld AI

The developer platform for AI characters Get a fully integrated platform for AI characters that goes beyond large language models (LLMs) – and adds configurable safety, knowledge, memory, narrative controls, multimodality, and more.

Craft characters with distinct personalities and contextual awareness that stay in-world or on brand. Seamlessly integrate into real-time applications, with optimization for scale and performance built-in.

Top Features:
  1. Real-time Generative AI Optimized for performance and scale

  2. Character Engine Power expression with multimodal AI

  3. Contextual Mesh Stay in-world or on-brand

  4. APIs IntegrationsShip faster with powerful and easy-to-use integrations


1) Does Inworld create avatars?

The avatars are character visuals used throughout are product are meant to be illustrative. We use Ready Player Me avatars for our demos, but as a developer platform, our goal is to be compatible with any character visuals or models. We power the character’s brain, and its appearance is completely up to you.

2) What is an AI character?

An AI character is a character that’s created using artificial intelligence technologies. These can include natural language processing models, machine vision, speech-to-text, and other computer models. Together, they work to mimic the dynamic and social nature of human interactions.

3) What languages do Inworld characters speak?

We’re focused on English for now, but are looking at adding additional languages.

4) How does Inworld’s character AI engine work?

The Inworld Engine comprises several machine learning and character AI models that are designed to mimic human gestures, speech, safety, emotion, and memory.




AI characters
developer platform
narrative controls
real-time applications

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