Murf AI

Murf AI

AI Voice Generator in 20 languages. 120+ realistic text to speech voices to create the perfect AI voiceover. Go instantly from text to voice with ease.

Top Features:
  1. Check out the Enterprise plan to directly collaborate with your team on projects.
  2. A realistic voice changer that will help you turn your home recordings into professional voiceovers.
  3. Play with pitch, punctuations and emphasis to make the AI voices carry your message however you like.
  4. A voice maker that allows you to upload your creatives and sync it with the voice of your choice.
  5. Choose from over 120+ text to speech voices in 20+ languages

1) Can I try Murf for free?

Yes, we have a free plan. Just sign in to the Studio and create a project. You would get 10 mins of voice generation time free in your account to test voices and other features in the Studio.

2) How is Murf different from other text to speech tools?

Murf offers high quality natural sounding AI voices for your projects. Check out the Studio for yourself. Also, Murf is not just a text to speech tool. It provides a complete toolkit for making voice over videos. You can combine images, videos, music, adjust timing and so on. Check out the feature section on the home page for more details on features.

3) Can I use Murf to record my voice over?

No, we do not have a voice recording feature at the moment. We help you create high quality voice overs using AI powered voices. You can upload your recorded voice over on Voice Changer and convert it to a professional sounding voiceover, in few mi.

4) How is voice generation time calculated?

Voice generation time is calculated as the sum of generated speech length of every text block. It is consumed every time you render a newly created text block or modify text in an existing text block. Modifying the generated speech using a different Voice actor, Style, Pitch, Speed, Pause, Emphasis, Pronunciation, Punctuation and Volume for the same text will not consume any voice generation time.




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Tech used:

Amazon Web ServicesWebflowReactCore

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