Embark on a unique meditation journey with Now&Zen, where bespoke meditations are designed to align seamlessly with your personal mindfulness goals. Now&Zen offers an intuitive platform that allows you to craft your very own meditation experience, customizing every detail to suit your preferences. From choosing the perfect voice to setting the right intent, Now&Zen makes it easy to create a guided meditation that resonates with your current needs.

With options for duration, voice, style, and background sounds, your session can be personalized in just minutes. Now&Zen ensures that your meditative practice is convenient and accessible, providing downloadable meditations for offline use, which means you can maintain your peace of mind anywhere, anytime. Get started with Now&Zen and tailor every meditation session to fit your mood, goals, and schedule.

Top Features:
  1. Customizable Meditations: Tailor every aspect of your guided meditation for a personalized experience.

  2. Offline Availability: Download your meditation sessions for offline use and access them anywhere.

  3. Diverse Voices: Choose from a selection of voices for guidance that resonates with you.

  4. Tailored Intent: Focus your meditation by tailoring the intent to your current personal needs.

  5. Easy Access: Sign in quickly using your favorite social networks for a seamless start.


1) What does Now&Zen offer for meditation?

Now&Zen allows you to craft a meditation tailored to voice, style, intent, and more, delivering a personalized audio session.

2) How quick is it to create a meditation session with Now&Zen?

With Now&Zen, you can create your meditation session in under 5 minutes and have it ready for download and offline use.

3) Can I choose different voices for my guided meditation on Now&Zen?

Yes, Now&Zen offers the ability to select different voices for your guided meditation experience.

4) Is it possible to use Now&Zen meditations offline?

You can download your personalized meditation sessions on Now&Zen for offline use to meditate anytime, anywhere.

5) How can I access my Now&Zen account?

You can sign into Now&Zen quickly using your existing social network accounts for a seamless meditation experience.




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