Elevate your career with personalized coaching services from Practica. At Practica, we offer two dynamic growth pathways to enhance your professional expertise – AI-powered coaching and one-on-one sessions with domain experts. Our AI coaching program is accessible around the clock, providing instant advice to tackle work-related challenges, starting at an affordable $10 per month.

For a more tailored approach, individuals can connect with domain specialists for recurring 1-hour mentorship sessions. With prices beginning at $150, benefit from the knowledge of seasoned professionals in your specific field.

Participate in a program that covers a comprehensive list of specializations including Product Management, Engineering, Marketing, Data Science, Design, Finance, and many others. Practica's AI is trained on a carefully curated library encompassing over 1,100 resources from every major department, ensuring that the advice you receive is not only expert but also relevant to your unique situation.

Embrace growth and accountability with Practica's coaching methodology, which blends personal career goals with everyday workplace challenges. Achieve milestones, document your progress, and consistently review your goals. Whether you opt for AI or human coaching, enjoy a safe and confidential environment to nurture your professional skills. Make the smart choice for your career or team with Practica.

Top Features:
  1. Expert-Trained AI: Utilize AI coaching with insights from more than 1,100 curated expert resources.

  2. Personal Coaching: Engage in tailored, one-on-one 1-hour coaching sessions with a domain expert.

  3. Comprehensive Skill Coverage: Access a knowledge base covering 15 topics and 400+ skills.

  4. Goal-Oriented Methodology: Benefit from a coaching methodology that aligns with your specific career goals.

  5. Flexible Scheduling: Choose from various scheduling options to fit your needs, including weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly meetings.





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