Prezi Present

Prezi Present

Prezi Present offers innovative presentation software, revolutionizing how ideas are shared in the hybrid work environment. Their platform capitalizes on motion, zoom, and spatial relationships, enabling presenters to make impactful and dynamic presentations that captivate audiences.

With Prezi, presentations aren't just a series of slides—they're storytelling experiences that can hold an audience's attention whether team members are in the office or dispersed remotely.

Prezi's software integrates smoothly with popular video conferencing tools like Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring that each presentation is equally compelling online or in person. Additionally, Prezi prioritizes security, maintaining SOC2 compliance to guarantee that your data is protected around the clock.

Top Features:
  1. Interactive Presentations: Leverage Prezi's unique motion and zoom effects to turn every presentation into an interactive story.

  2. Cross-Platform Integration: Use Prezi Video with Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to engage viewers during video conferences.

  3. Extensive Template Library: Access over 100 templates and a rich asset library with millions of images, GIFs, and icons.

  4. Prezi AI: Partner with Prezi AI to refine presentation content quickly and efficiently, enhancing creativity.

  5. Security Focused: With SOC2 compliance, 24/7 monitoring assures users that their presentations and data are secure.


1) What is Prezi Present?

Prezi Present is a presentation tool that uses dynamic visuals and spatial relationships to create engaging and interactive presentations suitable for both in-person and virtual settings.

2) Can I integrate Prezi with my video conferencing software?

Yes, Prezi supports integration with popular video conferencing tools including Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, enabling you to make your virtual meetings more interactive.

3) Does Prezi offer templates and assets for creating presentations?

Prezi offers a range of templates and assets through its platform, with over 100 templates and millions of reusable presentations, images, GIFs, and icons at your disposal.

4) Is Prezi secure to use for my presentations?

Prezi is SOC2 compliant, which means it adheres to rigorous, industry-standard criteria for managing customer data, ensuring that your information is secure.

5) How is Prezi different from traditional presentation software?

With features such as motion, zoom, and the ability to create a narrative flow, Prezi is designed to be more engaging and memorable, making it an effective alternative to traditional slide-based presentation software.





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