is a revolutionary One-stop AI Productivity app tailored for individuals with ADHD. Designed with simplicity in mind, provides an uncluttered note-taking and to-do list environment enriched by leading AI Assistants to facilitate task management and enhance productivity.

The platform caters to entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, content creators, students, and various professionals seeking a structured yet flexible solution to stay organized and productive. With the launch of its most significant update, sets a new standard for personalized productivity tools, ensuring that every user can sail through their work and life commitments with confidence and a sense of calm.

Top Features:
  1. Simplicity: Clean and straightforward note-taking and to-do list design.

  2. AI Assistance: Integration with best-in-class AI Assistants for enhanced productivity.

  3. Target Users: Ideal for managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, content creators, and students.

  4. No Credit Card Required: Easy access with no upfront payment needed.

  5. Professional Adoption: Trusted by over 7000 top professionals seeking improved productivity.


1) What is is a productivity app with built-in AI Assistants designed to help individuals with ADHD manage their tasks and notes more effectively.

2) How does help its users? helps users by providing a clutter-free environment for note-taking and list-making, all enhanced with the power of AI to improve focus and productivity.

3) Is it possible to try without a credit card?

Yes, getting started with does not require any credit card information.

4) Who are the typical users of

Professionals from various domains including entrepreneurs, researchers, managers, and content creators, among others, can benefit from using

5) Where can I find pricing information for

Details about pricing for can be found on the app’s pricing page or by contacting the support team.





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