Discover the power of personalized learning with Sidetrain. Dive into a world where knowledge is not just acquired but experienced, with coaches specializing in a myriad of interests. From business and gaming to health, fitness, and even AI prompting, Sidetrain offers a unique platform where learners can book one-on-one sessions with experts in their desired field.

But Sidetrain isn't just for learners. If you possess a skill, craft, or expertise, Sidetrain provides a platform to share your knowledge and get paid for it. Set your availability, connect with eager learners, and embark on a journey of mutual growth and discovery. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill or share your expertise, Sidetrain bridges the gap, ensuring a personalized and enriching learning experience.

Top Features:
  1. Diverse categories of knowledge

  2. One-on-one sessions with experts

  3. Flexible scheduling for learners and tutors

  4. Protected payments and transparent pricing

  5. Opportunity for experts to share their skills

  6. Personalized learning journey

  7. Community of diverse coaches

  8. Learning at your own pace


1) What timezone are the sessions based in?

All of the timezones are geo-located to the timezone you are located in. The timezone will also be displayed on the time selector as well as on the confirmation pages.

2) How long are the sessions?

Our coaches can set their own time limits for sessions. They may choose 15-minute meetings, 30-minute meetings, 1-hour long meetings, or a combination of all time lengths.

3) Managing your calendar?

The best way to manage your bookings and avoid cancellations is to keep your calendar up to date. You can mark dates and times as available or blocked, so it's clear to Students who are interested in booking your time.

4) How do I get paid?

All payouts are handled through Stripe. Once the session has been completed, the mentor will have the option to withdraw the funds from Stripe directly after 2 business days.

5) Do reviews matter?

Yes! Reviews matter. Be sure to give your Students a great experience, because positive reviews will help you rank higher on the search results.





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one-on-one coaching
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expert guidance
diverse knowledge categories

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