SMS Assistant AI Text Messages

SMS Assistant AI Text Messages

Klaviyo offers an AI-powered SMS Assistant that allows marketers to generate compliant SMS copy in just seconds. With this tool, marketers can input a few descriptions about their SMS campaign and receive multiple examples of recommended copy. This eliminates the need for extensive copywriting experience and helps tailor messaging for the specific channel of SMS marketing. The SMS Assistant ensures compliance with mobile carrier regulations and provides inspiration for text message creation. Marketers can easily access the SMS Assistant within the SMS campaign editor and select a campaign type to generate relevant content. By utilizing Klaviyo's AI-powered SMS Assistant, marketers can write SMS campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

Top Features:
  1. AI-powered SMS copywriting: Generate compliant SMS copy in seconds.

  2. Campaign customization: Customize the generated examples to match your brand voice.

  3. Compliance with mobile carrier regulations: Ensure SMS content follows all compliance requirements.

  4. Time-saving: Cut down the time it takes to write SMS campaigns.

  5. Inspiration for text message creation: Get new ideas for engaging text messages.





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