Get a personalized podcast and newsletter about your interests. Tailor is the best way to navigate the endless stream of news and information, in a fun way.


  1. Select your interests Everyone has a unique combination of interests! Dig anime AND finance AND venture capital? Tailor will create a unique blend just for you!

  2. Add newspapers, Youtube channels, podcasts You got a podcast that you like? Or a Youtube channel?Just add it! Our A.I. will digest it for you daily as well.

  3. Tailor makes sense of the noise Tailor reads, listens and watches everything created that day. It then decides what are the most important things for you on that day.

  4. Sit back and relax No more information overload: Your digest is as long as you need it to be, in both text and audio format.

Just the important stuff, without the noise.

Top Features:
  1. Generate personalized daily briefs, get them directly on your inbox

  2. Get a daily podcast personalized to your needs and interests

  3. Get a personalized blog post

  4. iPhone app is available!





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Tech used:

GPT4 GPT3 Webflow


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