Maximize your retail success with TangoEye—your gateway to next-level in-store analytics. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology, we transform ordinary CCTV systems into robust analytical tools. Our suite of products including Tango Traffic, Tango Zone, Tango RevOp, and Tango StoreOps, offer unparalleled insight into customer behavior, allowing for accurate measurement and enhancement of foot traffic, zone-wise activity, and overall conversion rates. Understand the reasons behind missed sales opportunities and infrastructural inefficiencies to power up your store performance. Embrace TangoEye's innovative solutions and join leading retail brands in elevating your offline experience.

Top Features:
  1. Innovative Analytics: Utilize AI to convert CCTV footage into actionable data.

  2. Accurate Tracking: Keep tabs on store traffic customer engagement and missed opportunities.

  3. Smart Insights: Gain understanding of zone-wise customer activity for targeted improvements.

  4. Conversion Rate Optimization: Identify and mitigate factors leading to lost sales.

  5. Infrastructure Monitoring: Regular checks on your store's infra health to ensure optimal performance.





Retail Analytics
Customer Behavior
AI Technology
Computer Vision
Store Performance


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